About Us

We’ve always been obsessed with making work better for people.

Getform’s story began when our co-founder Oğuzcan shared his need of an easy web form management tool with his colleagues back in 2015. Back then, most of the web forms created by form builders and tools on the market were breaking the design integrity or forcing to create their own ready templates when it comes to manage a simple webform. This was not exactly what a web designer would need. Starting from our own “pain”, we started building Getform.

Even today, most of the solutions out there constantly force you to stick with their rules or not giving you enough ease of use to manage your webforms. But we know exactly what is the need and we want to change this by meeting expectations of any webform owner.

We’re building a home for your web forms. So you can focus on more important problems.

Passenger Pigeon

Passenger Pigeon

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