Getform Slack Integration

Getform Slack Integration

Register and get your Getform form endpoint to integrate your HTML form to Slack

Slack is a channel-based messaging platform and allows people to work together more effectively by planning schedules, sharing documents and files, organising workflows and more. Slack screen sharing feature with drawing tools lets people solve problems very quickly. Slack app is available for desktop and mobile devices along with Slack web.

Getform is a form backend platform with easy form endpoints that lets you handle your web forms & submissions just by generating an endpoint URL and HTML form tag. With Getform it will be very easy for you to collect and integrate your contact form submissions with many software tools and services.

We believe that knowing exactly at the same time when you have new form submissions to your contact form or feedback form is key to staying on top of incoming information. Why not have that come right into your favourite communication platform? You'll get automated notifications every time once Getform-Slack integration is active. It will then send out each Getform submission you receive as a new message to any public or private channel you choose with its details automatically. You'll always be up to date with your latest form submissions with Slack integration by turning your contact form to Slack notifications.

It will take only a few minutes to connect Slack and Getform without any coding by using Zapier.